On this evidence, Douglas are in good shape with the Celts packed with young talent and a rich vein of experience to guide them along. Vikings were always in the match, with Ed Alderson at full back a thorn in the Celts side, but the tide was constant and inevitable given the Celts pack in command. Tries from Ben Dutnall and Tom Anderson, and with Noel Capewell not taking many backward steps, left skipper Mark Shortland with mostly a free hand to conduct the rapid concerto outside beginning with Tom Chamberlain and ending with Andy Vernon-Browne (2), Nathan Knight, Liam King and Jack Moore (2). Brave defence from Vikings was overwhelmed, and up and coming Celt youngsters Andreas Gutzold, Karl Evans and Jean Brul finished in style. Next up at Castletown 19th September at 2.15pm.

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