Mon 24 Apr 2017 12:15

Manchester Medics 20 - 38 DRUFC

Another early start, another bonus point win. The early wake up was tapered somewhat by the fact that Muzza had broken open the Clubs coffers, and booked a legitimate breakfast establishment for the Lads to eat at (very good Salmon on toast, 8.5/10). After a few hours buying some last minute Mothers day gifts (hope Mrs Winrow was happy with your selection Dom), the fellas embarked on a journey with the ropiest driver to the Manchester Medic's ground. In the shadows of the Etihad, we found, without doubt, the sketchiest housing estate this side of Harlem.

After a quick warm up, the match kicked off. After 20 minutes, the ref had seen enough and showed Hoose the yellow. This allowed Medics good field position and a well worked maul resulted in the first try we've conceded in 3 games. 7-0. Instead of crumbling like many teams would do, this galvanized the fellas, who put the Medics under immediate pressure. A charge down from Larnie fell to Bolly who went on a rampage. He made between 50 and 100 meters before being brought down just short. Fortunately, the Blackpool Bullet was on hand and crashed over to level the scores.

Almost instantly, the fellas were in again. Singer collected the ball with 15m to go and 5 Medics in his way. It wasnt all going the way of the good lads though - the ref decided that Garg was hitting players too hard and their ten popped over the resultant peno. I'll be honest, when Garg did his back in, I thought 'Rolf Harris had a better chance of a comeback that this bloke'. However, here Garg is, still smashing players and making yards (although, to be fair, Rolf would probably be smashing too if he was out).

There was just enough time in the half for our resident Smitten Kitten, Guy the Sly, to beat a few defenders and dot down out wide. 17-10. 

Half time came and, as ever, the Good lids led.

The second half began much the same way as the first ended, with the Nurses under more pressure than Uncie is to propose. Good field position and a cut out ball (missing out Caino) from Snellgrove put the Kitten in the corner again, and set him off purring in delight. Snelly, in front of the fans, knocked over the extras for 24-10. The match then de-generated into a bit of an arm wrestle, with Douglas making ground, before the inevitable whistle was blown. Medics also managed to snaffle another 3 points. 

With ten minutes to go, Muzza hurt his side a little bit and made me come on with my broken arm. After good play from the forwards, the ball was spun wide, where Caino found himself with soup-port outside him. Instead of passing, he went himself. No surprise that he came up short. 

From the resulting ruck Ralph, still trying to bring back the biff, made some hard yards before the ball was again passed to the backs. Good hands from Yuke drew the cover defense, and I crossed for another. 31-10.

Snellgrove then sniffed out a gap in the defense, and manged to get over under the sticks. With minutes to go, the Medics got white line fever. Final score 38-20 to the good lids. 

Whilst Caino had ample opportunities to score, he again forwent them. 

With 4 games of the League season to go, and Douglas 6 points back with a game in hand, the question on every bodies lips is, without doubt, Will Cain score?

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